Packyge powers excellent online interaction between consumers and grocery retailers.


Our white-label solution simplifies grocery e-commerce by enabling complex grocery products such as custom-decorated cakes, high-end butcher cuts or made-to-order deli platters.


We are proud to enable in-store fulfillment, notification, upsell and consumer relationship building for these complex, often personalized, items, integrated seamlessly into existing store e-commerce and loyalty systems.

End to End Experience

We integrate seamlessly with your current eCommerce systems, loyalty system and any internet connected browser In-Store.

Wouldnt you like to provide functionality that national quick Serve restaurants provide consumers in your grocery, bakery, gourmet food or drug store? Our easy store facing screens require minimal training and setup. We believe that employee experience should be as easy as an app that lets someone become a rideshare driver.

We embed our features in your existing consumer app, mobile web and, website technology with minimum impact to your IT team. By connecting to your loyalty systems or by using our advanced analytics we help send messages and promotions to your local customers knowing that they are coming into the store.

We run on the cloud and charge you subscription fees that put our skin in the game through performance pricing. We make most of our profit when our solution for you gets widely adopted. It is in everyone’s best interest to have a widely used solution, so we tie our profit to it.

Cheap and Effective Subscription Pricing

Every Transaction Can be Rated

Predictive Insights & Analytics

Cloud Based Solution Is Easy on IT

No Special Hardware. Bring Your Own Device.


Order Online

Consumers customize and specify what they want in their online order powered by our technology on the retailer’s brand app or website.

Pick Up or Get it Delivered

Consumers choose to pick up in store or get it delivered to the location of their choice using the last mile courier of the retailer’s choice.

Consumers Track Order Preparation

As they have to learned to expect from quick-serve restaurants, consumers get timely updates on the progress of their order.

A Thoughtful In-Store Experience

From easy interaction screens for store associates to simple and efficient handoff process, we enable pleasant interactions in store.

Every Interaction is an Upsell Opportunity

Retailers work very hard to earn every transaction with consumers. We help to make each one of those experiences great. At the same time, we use loyalty systems or our advanced analytics to drive additional sales around every trip.