Our product vision is inspired by modern digital interactions that have liberated the modern human.


Millions of ordinary users become service providers by simply signing up for digital platforms on their phones, whether as ride-sharing drivers, rental hosts or last mile delivery providers. These solutions transcend the need for training, surpass language barriers and scale across the globe.


We bring the same sensibility to retail facing design and technology. Front-line turnover is a real cost driver in retail.

Packyge’s patent-pending technology uses consumer mobile phones, rich data and a simple browser-based retailer facing screen which works on any hardware to facilitate user-friendly interactions for both the retail associate as well as the user.

Our solutions allow you to enable assembling digital orders in store for consumer pickup or delivery to home, consumers picking up digital orders in-store and, consumers returning digital orders in store.

All interactions are designed to integrate with existing consumer loyalty programs or can implement one where none exists. Using client data or leveraging AI/Analytics Packyge endeavors to build add-on sales around every interaction.

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High Level Architecture Diagram

As more clients sign on, Packyge intends to expand its platform to support additional store as service enabling models. Packyge is a member of Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) and firmly believes that blockchain technology will enable easy federation of last mile participants for a definite consumer identity.


Our product has three main components

API integration to existing eCommerce solutions. Enable personalized fulfill-in-store for pickup or delivery to your customers

Elegant and mobile friendly two-factor authentication based pickup/handoff experience. Patent pending,

Build baskets using loyalty program integration and proprietary data insights.


Easy Integration of In-store Features

Mobile Progressive Web App

Notifications – App, Text, Email

Integrate Loyalty/Marketing Programs

IOS, Android App or SDK

Enable Multichannel Customer Support


Order Online

Consumers customize and specify what they want in their online order powered by our technology on the retailer’s brand app or website.

Pick Up or Get it Delivered

Consumers choose to pick up in store or get it delivered to the location of their choice using the last mile courier of the retailer’s choice.

Consumers Track Order Preparation

As they have to learned to expect from quick-serve restaurants, consumers get timely updates on the progress of their order.

A Thoughtful In-Store Experience

From easy interaction screens for store associates to simple and efficient handoff process, we enable pleasant interactions in store.

Every Interaction is an Upsell Opportunity

Retailers work very hard to earn every transaction with consumers. We help to make each one of those experiences great. At the same time, we use loyalty systems or our advanced analytics to drive additional sales around every trip.