We work on Cloud Technology with a service mindset towards Retail Users and Consumers.


Packyge’s patent-pending technology uses consumer mobile phones, rich data and a simple browser-based retailer facing screen which works on any hardware to facilitate user-friendly interactions for both the retail associate as well as the user.

The Store is the Hub for The Last Mile

As experiential retail takes prominence and as the supply chain costs skyrocket, retailers find that making the store the hub is the best course of action. We serve this inevitable future through our sensible software solutions that provide competitive experiences for consumers with retail stores.

We respect the retail brand and the hard work that has gone into building the retail footprint and because we know how hard it is, we proudly serve those who serve consumers in these stores. We bring extensive eCommerce and digital expertise to bear on building the future of retail understanding that the last mile begins and ends with real stores.

To ensure we can provide the best capability we build our technology solutions on an ultra-modern product platform called the “Real Store Interaction Cloud”.



Consumers Interact Using their Phones

Its no secret that consumers are glued to their phones. We use our phones to get on planes, summon rides, pay our bills, pay in stores, rent BnBs, communicate, order food and the list goes on. We capitalize on this behavior and make the consumers an integral part of the experiences we design.

All our interactions are designed to integrate with existing consumer loyalty programs or we can implement one where none exists. Using client data or leveraging AI/Analytics we endeavor to build add-on sales around every interaction.

We use the phone to establish identity and we also offer the users a chance to provide feedback on every transaction using a familiar 5-Star paradigm.

Retailers use a Simple Browser-Based Console to Interact

Running a retail store is hard work. In the best of times, retail staff turnover is high and the list of things that need to be done in a typical store is unending.

Traditionally, retail software has not only been expensive it has also been regressive and complicated to use. Typically store rollouts are coupled with training and change management for a constantly changing workforce, adding yet more cost.

Meanwhile, these days anyone can download an app and start driving as a rideshare driver with literally no training.

Our solutions make retail facing interactions that are super easy and require no specialist hardware. Because running a retail store is hard work.

Consulting Services

We do strategy engagements for a few select clients where we think we can end up deploying our platform as a part of the solution. We mainly work on digital impact in retail/wholesale/manufacturer/brands especially in the context of the last mile and consumer engagement. We specialize in defining new revenue models, using digital solutions to liberate cost pools, (re)definition of organizations, building solutions using cloud technology (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure) to leverage AI/Advanced Analytics and leveraging Blockchain, especially in the context of supply chain reinvention.


Order Online

Consumers customize and specify what they want in their online order powered by our technology on the retailer’s brand app or website.

Pick Up or Get it Delivered

Consumers choose to pick up in store or get it delivered to the location of their choice using the last mile courier of the retailer’s choice.

Consumers Track Order Preparation

As they have to learned to expect from quick-serve restaurants, consumers get timely updates on the progress of their order.

A Thoughtful In-Store Experience

From easy interaction screens for store associates to simple and efficient handoff process, we enable pleasant interactions in store.

Every Interaction is an Upsell Opportunity

Retailers work very hard to earn every transaction with consumers. We help to make each one of those experiences great. At the same time, we use loyalty systems or our advanced analytics to drive additional sales around every trip.